Daredevil On PS5 Teased By Marvel Games? [Update]

It has been confirmed that the tease was misinterpreted and no Daredevil game is in development.

Original Story:

After the huge success of Marvel’s Spider-Man on Playstation 4, there might be more superheroes getting their full video games in the future too. Recently, we’ve seen an interaction between famous voice actor Troy Baker and Marvel Games Head, Bill Rosemann. Are they hinting about the existence of a Daredevil game on PlayStation 5? Is this happening?

As you might already know, there was a time where Daredevil would get his game on a Playstation console, this wasn’t PS5 though. It was back in the Playstation 2 era, with its development getting canceled. Leaks want the Daredevil project to be back on track for Sony’s upcoming console.

According to the leak, the game would be a “noir-style” game featuring Daredevil set in Chicago. The platform of choice is PS5. Since we can’t rely on rumors though, Troy Baker was kind enough to low-key hint it himself.

In a recent tweet, Baker tagged Bill Rosemann, head of Marvel Games as an answer to a question.

The question was what superhero game would you like to see. Rosemann put more oil in the flame by quoting Daredevil, saying “You, sir, are a man without fear”. This sparks a lot of questions about the existence of a Daredevil on PS5 and with good reason.

Insomniac Games created the foundation for more superheroes to come to consoles with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game made sure that Marvel will recognize video games as valuable assets to the brand.

Unlike movies and TV series that saw a big hit during the COVID-19 outbreak, with production and filming seeing a big delay, video games keep on seeing a rise and their development can proceed even in this situation. Needless to say that we expect great ideas and more announcements to be coming on this front.

Whether or not there will be a Daredevil game on PS5 or not remains to be seen. For the time being, we’re happy that there’s an open possibility there. Insomniac too intends to continue the Spider-Man saga, so there’s more to be waiting from Marvel Games in the future except for Marvel’s Avengers.