Port Royale 4 Early Impressions, An Overall Pleasing Exerpience

Port Royale 4 is a sea fearing simulator which takes us back to the colonization of Central America. The game is developed by Gaming Minds Studio, it’s the fourth installment in the series with previous game Port Royale 3 released in 2012.

While the game will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The Beta access is available on PC only.

So What I really like starting Port Royale 4 was an extensive tutorial, as an avid simulator game player you always stuck in different aspects of the game because there is no proper explanation given at the start.

Tutorial was a great start as a new comer for me, it goes into every aspect of the game explaining even the minor details that can affect your gameplay.

There will be four campaigns available to you but you will have to go through them in order. You can start the age of colonization with Spain, Move to England than France and at the end The Netherlands. The game is primarily situated around the central Americas. I would have really like to see Portugal there as well because a colonial game with them feels incomplete.

Gaming Minds studio have really put a lot of effort in realistic graphics and details in the game. The game have similar real time graphics like in Anno 1800 or Tropico series. The game was performing good as well there was no frame drop or performance issue.

There is a lot of detail put in the game for even minor things, which can be both good and bad. Good for people who like complex situation and bad for those who just like to relax having quality time building their empire.

You will start by small settlement and can grow to a network of trade cities. The game is designed in a way that each area produce specific goods but the needs of the residents require you to have other goods as well which you will need to trade. More goods mean more prosperous your settlement is leading to its growth.

There will two things that will dictate the flow of the game for you, the Supply of your goods from one colony to another and protecting that supply of the goods. In both you will need to manage your naval vassals. Naval combat is detailed and it will take some time for most players to get a hang of it.

Its game of Supply chain management where you fight with pirates and your competitors all the time while keeping your people happy and prosperous.

I would have liked getting to play as a Pirate in Beta as it would have been my go to choice but I will have to wait for that in the full game. Overall, I can say that Port Roayle 4 is a pleasing experience, specially for those who enjoy the complexities of simulating genre of video games.

Port Royale 4 will be releasing on September, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.