GTA online Servers are Down? Rockstar Services Status

It’s the first weekend since Epic Games Store made Grand Theft Auto 5 free. Naturally, a lot of people have rushed to play the game specially its multiplayer mode, GTA Online. Multiple reports in the past few hours have indicated that GTA online servers are down and players are unable to connect to GTA online services.

If we check the downdetector charts for the past 12 hours, it will be clear that many users have complained about the outage of the services. However, Rockstar Games hasn’t provided any update on these GTA online outages so far. The obvious conclusion about the services being not available and servers being down is the the unusual load.

Rock servers are probably adjusting to the new loads and hence some service unavailability in certain regions. So if you are experiencing any connection issues to GTA online, it is recommended that you post your issue on the official forums or twitter.

As far as social club related problems in GTA Online are concerned, Rockstar Games has officially acknowledged the issue a couple of days back and they are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

We are keeping an eye on the server status issues and will try to keep you posted. Stay tuned for further updates!