Terraria Update Announced, Journey’s End

A brand new patch is releasing tomorrow for Re-Logic and 505 Games’ Terraria. Take note that this patch will be available on PC. Their latest patch, Terraria Update, introduces the Journey’s End expansion. Journey’s End brings new ways to play the game to over 1000 new items to find, you can also craft new bosses to challenge, and much more. Below you will see some key patch notes regarding Terraria Update, Journey’s End.

  • Added Journey mode, a brand new world and character difficulty mode that offers unprecedented control over the way you play. Features unique powers such as item duplication, weather control, spawn rate and difficulty sliders, and more.
    Added Master mode, a new highest difficulty surpassing that of Expert. Test your skills against even harder challenges, and perhaps be rewarded with some unique rewards from each boss.
  • Added two brand new bosses to seek out and challenge.
  • Added the Bestiary, an encyclopedia of the enemies, allies, and critters you encounter on your journey.
  • Added Golf, a new fun pastime for when you want to take a break from all the monster slaying.
  • Added Windy Day weather, along with various ambient effects and even some enemies.
  • Added Town Pylons and NPC Happiness, an expansion on the town system that culminates with the ability to build a teleportation network to towns around the world.
  • Officially adding Texture Pack support, which now has its own option in the main menu.
  • Added RGB Lighting to the game for Razer, Corsair, and Logitech hardware.
  • Added Block Swap, a mechanic that allows the player to replace pre-existing blocks with new ones, without having to mine them up first. As a bonus, this also allows you to swap Chests and Dressers, while keeping the chest inventory intact!
  • Terraria now has a brand new series of intro splash screens and an intro sequence.
  • Added a completely overhauled character and world creation menus.
  • Added boss health bars.
  • Added Emote Commands and menu.
  • Adding loading screen informative help text when generating worlds.
  • Added two new Health/Mana Bar style options.
  • Added a number of new minimap border options.
  • Added a Recommended Achievement icon to guide the player.
  • Added a new achievement to craft a workbench.

Terraria is a 2D “sandbox” in the style of the well-known Minecraft, which gives you great freedom of action to survive the dangers that lie behind this colorful universe. Exploring, collecting resources, building and crafting items using recipes are part of the allure of this independent title.

Here you will find the complete list of all Terraria Update patch notes. I remind you that Re-Logic and 505 Games’ Terraria released on May 16, 2011 for PC; March 26, 2013 for PlayStation 3; March 27, 2013 for Xbox 360; December 11, 2013 for PlayStation Vita; and on August 29, 2013 for iOS.

The game also released on September 13, 2013 for Android; September 12, 2014 for Windows Phone; November 11, 2014 for PlayStation 4; November 14, 2014 for Xbox One; August 12, 2015 for MacOS and Linux; December 10, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS; June 16, 2016 for Wii U; and on June 27, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.