Someone Has Already Begun Creating Unreal Engine 5 In Dreams On Playstation 4

It’s only been a few days since Epic Games unveiled its groundbreaking new Unreal Engine 5, but already many gamers are doing the best they can to fiddle around with it. One particularly enterprising gamer has even been able to recreate part of the demo for Unreal Engine 5 in Dreams.

Dreams is a video game that lets you create games of your own, which has proven to be quite popular with players able to create a wide variety of various environments and games of their own. Some gamers have even worked to copy the looks and gameplay styles of other games.

For instance, several months ago one particular user made a mock-up of a scene from Sucker Punch’s upcoming samurai game Ghost of Tsushima, not even counting the large number of other mockups there likely are.

The preview of the version of Unreal Engine 5 in Dreams is nowhere near as long as the actual demo, which ran for around nine minutes, but still looks nearly indistinguishable from it until the game’s interface actually pops up. It’s also less the full demo, and more just the environment.

Of course, the Unreal Engine 5 demo is pretty far beyond what something like Dreams can put out, even if it’s on the Playstation 4, but being able to copy the demo’s environment to that extent really shows just how comprehensive that Dreams is in general.

Pretty soon we may actually be getting small indie games that were actually developed partially within Dreams as the players grow more skilled. Even if it’s not an exact replica, the environments and creations in Dreams are limited only by a player’s imagination.

You can see the video featuring the demo for Unreal Engine 5 in Dreams by following this link. In the meantime, hopefully we get to see more of the engine sometime in the future.