Rainbow Six Siege Sees Record Engagement & Esports Impact In 2020

Rainbow Six Siege has managed to cement itself as the ultimate online tactical shooter of the current generation and possibly, the next generation as well. While disgruntled voices have suggested the game to have lost traction in the past few years, figures released by Ubisoft tell a completely different tale.

According to an earnings report for the 2020 fiscal period, Rainbow Six Siege continues to deliver success at all fronts, courtesy of a commendable content support that in all fairness other games can learn from as well. The player-count has crossed 60 million players already, an increment of 5 million from the last quarter. The number of player-sessions have witnessed a sharp increase in the last year, particularly since January which is presumably due to the lockdown that many countries have enforced in response to COVID-19.

Furthermore, the record engagement covers esports as well. Rainbow Six Siege has been recognized as one of the most impactful games amongst the competitive crowd in 2020. Ubisoft, however, refrained from mentioning any figures from the Six Invitational 2020 where Spacestation Gaming beat Ninjas in Pyjamas to become Rainbow Six Siege world champions and take a major share of the $3 million prize pool home.

Rainbow Six Siege is also one of eleven games from Ubisoft that surpassed more than 10 million copies sold within the current console generation. That couples with a rise in player spending through microtransactions for cosmetics and seasonal passes.

  • 60 million registered players
  • More than one billion session days in 2019-20, representing a sharp increase
  • Record engagement levels for January, February and March months and a 26% rise in PRI over the quarter
  • Ranked the fourth “Most Impactful PC Game” by The Esports Observer for the first calendar quarter of 2020

Rainbow Six Siege is now preparing for its next seasonal update. Operation Steel Wave is expected to feature two new playable operators from Norway and South Africa, a rework of the House map, a series of balances, and possibly other tweaks and adjustments.