Mark Tan Joins Playground Games For Upcoming Open-World Action RPG

Mark Tan, a video games industry veteran who had previously worked with big studios like Rocksteady and Codemasters, has now found a new studio to work in. Apparently, Tan will be putting his talents to use at Playground games, working on the open-world action RPG that the studio is working on.

Playground Games is perhaps best known for the Forza Horizon series, which they have reliably put out for many years before now, but it appears that the company is ready to switch gears for now and do something that’s not racing related.

While we’ve heard nothing about exactly what Playground’s new game will be about, hopefully it won’t be too drastic of a change from their normal fare and will actually be fun to play, similar to Respawn Entertainment’s own journey with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Prior to Fallen Order, Respawn had entirely been focused on creating first-person shooter games, only for Fallen Order, an action game based in the Star Wars universe, to come out and be highly popular despite being completely different from Respawn’s normal fare.

Mark Tan will be taking on the role of Cinematic Director for Playground Games, and considering his previous resume work hopefully he’ll be a great fit for whatever Playground has in mind for him. Hopefully Playground will soon be brave enough to show us some of their game too.

Even though E3 2020 has been cancelled on account of the coronavirus, many gaming companies are still holding various online shows in order to promote upcoming games. We might get to see some of Mark Tan’s work in one of them if Playground thinks they’re ready for it.

We may even get the game as a launch title on the Xbox Series X, but all we can do in the meantime is wait and see what Playground ends up putting out. Many people think it may be Fable 4, but it’s too soon to rush to conclusions.