Xbox Series X 60 FPS Isn’t A “Standard”, Up To Devs To Decide

Over the previous week, we had the chance to find out that Xbox Series X has a minimum of 60 FPS output. In one case, that of Dirt 5, the refresh rate reaches 120Hz. This opens up a whole new era of console gaming. Now, we find out that 60 FPS isn’t “the standard” for the console. Developers will have the opportunity to choose what their game will perceive as standard.

The news comes from Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge. According to a recent tweet, Warren says that “Xbox Series X games won’t run at 60fps – Ultimately, it is up to individual developers to determine how they leverage the power and speed of Xbox Series X”. The statement was later supported by Aaron Greenberg, marketing director at Xbox Games. He confirms:

Developers always have flexibility in how they use the power, so a standard or common 60fps is not a mandate.

The statement has created a massive wave of discontent as fans feel like falling victims to false advertisement. Microsoft recently announced the “Xbox Series X Optimized” label. The feature proves that a game will offer the best settings for Xbox One games on the new console. However, Greenberg’s statement claims otherwise.

Developers can choose a 4K resolution with a 30FPS refresh rate to be their standard. As a result, this confuses the community as fans believe they deserve better than “30FPS in 2K20”. In all honesty, we think that the fast game boot is a feature that will prove far more impressive in Xbox Series X Optimised games that its standard settings.

It all comes down to what we’ll get from Xbox Series X when its release date draws near. We already have some of its first exclusive titles like The Medium and we can’t wait what more lurks out there. We’ll know more Xbox Series X details like its price, features, and games in July.

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