Playstation 4 Sales Reach Another Milestone, 110M Passed

Sony has concluded it’s latest fiscal year’s investor call, which held a rather interesting fact for the company. During the call, the company announced that PS4 has reached yet another milestone in its life cycle. The Playstation 4 sales top 110 million dollars. That’s massive.

Despite its 7 years since release, Playstation 4 keeps on seeing a rise in its sales. The current quarantine situation had a role to play too since staying indoors creates a demand in console gaming. Console sales have given Sony a massive 110 million dollars in revenue, giving the company another huge milestone. Related information wants 13.5 million sold this fiscal year which spans from April 2019 to May 2020. Even though this is a big step down from last years’ sales (17.8 million units), the company is happy that the current generation still holds strong.

For Playstation 4 game sales, we have 245 million copies sold as opposed to 257.6M last year. This shows that the console is still relevant and its games are just as popular as the year before. The Financial report that Sony released has in-depth statistics for the console as well as its services, so if you’re interested in numbers you can scout it.

For what it’s worth, the release of Playstation 5 is just around the corner. This means that Sony has only a few months before their hardware sales skyrocket once more. This also stands for game sales in its first months. Services will most likely be the same as before since there won’t be new services for PS5 as far as we know. It the new console’s sales come as close as Playstation 4’s, we might be looking at the next king of couch gaming.

Playstation 5 release date is set for holiday 2020, which is in only 6 months from now. Sony Interactive Entertainment confirms that the PlayStation 5 launch won’t suffer due to low production during the quarantine. Just before today’s financial report, the company revealed that Playstation 4 software sales and subscriber numbers have risen significantly. Information wants PS5 to be getting more information on its price, pre-order, and design in summer, so we can’t wait for the mystery to be unveiled.

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