Warner Bros. Montreal Finally Confirms Multiple AAA DC Games

Warner Bros. Montreal has subtly confirmed to be working on multiple projects based on “legendary” character-focused franchises under DC Comics.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. Montreal updated its official Instagram account with the following bio: “…developing DC Comics-focussed AAA games that revolve and celebrate the legendary brands of WBIE.” Take note that while this is the first public confirmation from the developer, Warner Bros. Montreal has been heavily rumored to be working in the DC Universe for at least the past couple of years. The updated bio probably suggests that an announcement or two are fairly near.

Warner Bros. Montreal was previously behind Batman: Arkham Origins and the post-release content for Batman: Arkham Knight. The developer has since then been reportedly working on a new chapter for the Dark Knight, supposedly called Batman: Arkham Legacy for current-generation platforms. However, even that could be a placeholder because no official announcements or reveals have been made at the time of writing.

Warner Bros. Interactive was previously tagged to announce two new Batman games at the now cancelled E3 2020. The first game was the heavily teased Court of Owls adaptation from Warner Bros. Montreal, while the second game was from the Batman: Arkham trilogy developer Rocksteady Studios.

According to host Geoff Keighley, his new Summer Game Fest venture will start off with a “cool and fun” game. Many believed the announcement to be for the new Batman game from Warner Bros. Montreal. However, Keighley has confirmed that the announcement, at least this one, has nothing to do with the Dark Knight. Despite the clarification, many fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that after the cancellation of E3 2020, Warner Bros. Interactive will be making all of its pending announcements at Summer Game Fest.

In either case, something related to Batman is expected to be revealed in the next month.

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