Dirt 5 Takes Racing To A New Level With 120 FPS Refresh Rate

Dirt 5 is creating a new standard for racing games from now on with a cast of features that will make even the most difficult gamers play it. According to Codemasters, the game will be available in a 4K resolution and support fast start on Xbox Series X. The most important of all though is the Dirt 5 120 FPS refresh rate mode.

The news about the Dirt 5 refresh rate came during InsideXbox last week, with development Director Robert Karp spilling the beans. According to him, there will be a 120 FPS refresh rate mode in Dirt 5. However, we don’t know what you’ll be missing instead. Will console temperature rise due to the hardware strain? Will we see a lower resolution? Most likely, we’ll see a 4K-60FPS setup as well as a 1080p-120FPS mode.

Codemasters has announced a “trail” of reveals to happen through the summer starting with a career mode in June. Next up there will be more feature announcements in June. August will have a mystery announcement while September will see the introduction of multiplayer and online modes. Last but not least, October will be the month of preparations for Dirt 5 as it draws near to its launch.

Seeing the trailer for Dirt 5, you can see how Codemasters set the example for racing in the next-generation of video games. We know for a fact that the Forza team is working at something similar in terms of performance. Let’s hope that more will follow too.

Dirt 5 will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Google Stadia, and Steam this fall. After that, you should expect its release on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 as soon as they get released. At least on Microsoft’s console, we’ll see Codemaster’s next title being available for free for everyone who owns it on Xbox One. Pretty cool right?

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