PS5 vs Xbox Series X: “Average User Will Not Care” About Teraflops, Says Grim Dawn Designer

Teraflops should never be taken as a measurement stick for good games, according to developer Crate Entertainment. Those who still believe otherwise should remember that there have been far weaker consoles with some of the best games ever created in history.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, game designer Kamil “Zantai” Marczewski stated that the number of teraflops will unlikely define whether PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is the better of the two next-generation consoles. While more teraflops will and can sometimes result in improved frame-rates in taxing situations, the average player will probably never even notice.

Marczewski also took Nintendo as an example to explain that despite having hardware-limiting consoles, Nintendo has a history of creating some of the best games out there. Hence, teraflops should never be taken as something more than just a computation number. Those purchasing a console to play games will never be bothered to delve into such subjects as long as they are enjoying their games.

Such performance differences will ultimately not make a substantial difference for users. You may see a difference of framerate in particularly taxing areas between the two consoles, but as consoles have fairly stringent standards for frame-rates when releasing games on them, the average user will probably not notice or care.

This will be even less relevant for console exclusives as they will be developed with the respective console in mind. Likewise, GPU output is not always an indicator of great games. That’s never stopped Nintendo, which historically has released comparably “weaker” consoles than Microsoft and Sony.

Back in March, former Crytek programmer and current Big Evil Corporation director Matt Phillips stated the same that measuring teraflops is meaningless. He noted that the computing term has no meaning in the way the average console owner tends to think. The quality of games largely depend on other hardware and software aspects and not purely on teraflops.

Crate Entertainment is currently working to port Grim Dawn over to Xbox One. The developer has not ruled out other console ports but since Xbox One features a similar architecture to PC, landing Grim Dawn on Xbox One first was an obvious choice. In addition, Microsoft was “eager” to work with Crate Entertainment to bring Grim Dawn to Xbox One, making the whole process even better.

Marczewski stated that Crate Entertainment has been working on multiple new projects. However, none of those include Grim Dawn 2. The developer appears to be at the conceptual phase of development and while a sequel is being considered, actual development of Grim Dawn 2 has not begun.

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