Here’s How Xbox Series X Install Sizes Will Be Kept Down By New Console

Game install sizes have been getting bigger and bigger lately, which of course necessitates more memory to keep all of the games on your console at once. However, Xbox Series X install sizes will apparently be kept down by some of the console’s new technology, as Jason Ronald explained.

Up until now, a Triple-A game having over a hundred gigs of stuff to download onto your console wasn’t anything very new, though it was because of huge games like this that many consoles now have a version that has a full terabyte of memory in it.

With the Xbox Series X, however, the console’s hardware-based compression technology will help to compress these games more, allowing them to have smaller installs and also take up less space. It will also help to remove all of the overhead normally caused by run-time decompression.

This will even include the BCPack software that often comes with many Triple-A games, which often is responsible for mot of the space taken up by those kinds of games even as it does its own job of compressing the game’s assets.

There are other ways that Xbox Series X install sizes can be cut down as well with the console’s technology. There’s also an option, apparently, in the console’s dev kits that will allow developers to only include the sorts of assets that players will need to play the game, minimizing the amount of things that need to be included.

This can include things like language files that no one in a certain region will use, just as an example. While there’s no magic bullet to completely keep game sizes down, hopefully the Xbox Series X will be a good start to helping developers to trim down their games.

We’ll be able to see Xbox Series X install sizes when the console releases in the holidays of this year.