Destiny 2 is Coming To Both Xbox Series X, PS5

Bungie has said in a recent statement today that they can’t wait for Destiny 2 players to continue to play the game on next gen consoles, confirming that we’ll be getting Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X at a later date. This mimics the original Destiny, which also made the cross-generation jump.

With the first Destiny, that mainly happened with Rise of Iron, the final Destiny expansion before Destiny 2 came out. While that expansion came out for all four of Destiny’s platforms at the time, it did mark an end to cross-gen support for previous generations of players.

We can likely expect whatever new expansions come out for Destiny 2 to be on the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 after that, though there’s no telling when they’ll actually be released or how much longer Destiny 2 will continue after that.

The original Destiny came out in 2014 for both then new and old-generation consoles, and though Destiny 2 has been exclusively for this generation, it will be making the jump to new consoles as well soon. But, again, for how long?

Destiny recently went free-to-play with its New Light model, which has helped to get a large number of new players playing the game following Bungie’s split from Activision. Considering it only happened late last year, Bungie might want to wait a few years before Destiny 3 comes out.

Considering that Destiny 2’s “Shadowkeep” expansion let us know that the pyramid ships that symbolized the Darkness were now on their way to the solar system, however, and with the current season letting us know they’ve reached the Kuiper Belt (the outer ring of asteroids in the solar system, past Pluto), we may not have much longer after all.

Either way, we’ll likely get more details in the future on when we can expect the Destiny 2 next gen ports, so just keep on the lookout for any announcement from Bungie. Not just for the port release date, but also when Destiny 3 will be coming out.