Xbox Series X Controller Has Less Than Two Milliseconds Of Latency

Latency between a wireless controller and the console has been a problem for years now, but it seems that the Xbox Series X controller has overcome that problem with some help from Microsoft and the console’s production team. This is apparently possible through Dynamic Latency Input, created by Xbox.

DLI was first explained by the Xbox channels in the United Kingdom and Germany, where they went into detail on how the technology works. With the addition of the DLI, Microsoft has managed to reduce the normal amount of latency time from 8 milliseconds down to 2 milliseconds.

In various kinds of games where latency may be the deciding factor between victory and defeat, every little bit helps with it. Whether it’s playing in a fighting game tournament, or in the middle of a tense Call of Duty match, whoever’s command registers first will likely be the victor.

The decreased latency also works in Xbox’s favor as despite the higher speed of transmission the controller won’t take up any extra battery, a must-have when Microsoft is still using batteries in the Xbox Series X controller rather than making them rechargeable like Playstation controllers.

This is only the most recent of the Xbox’s technological innovations for the coming generation, alongside audio changes and download speeds. The console is also more powerful in general than the Playstation 5 will be, as well, only adding to the factors in Microsoft’s corner.

While we still don’t know what games are confirmed to be coming to both the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X, power was a deciding factor in how the Playstation 4 was able to pull ahead of the Xbox One when the two consoles first came out.

Both consoles are going to be holding presentations soon where they’ll likely show off the games that they’ll have at launch or soon after, so it might come down to what games each console has that decides which one takes sales, despite the Xbox Series X controller and its technological superiority in general.