Call Of Duty: Warzone Will Open Bunkers In Season 4

There are several mysterious bunkers scattered across Verdansk that have remained locked since Call of Duty: Warzone was released. They are surely hiding something inside, something big. There are a number of questions surrounding those bunkers and all of them will be answered once the next season rolls out.

Speaking with GamerGen in a recent interview, narrative director Taylor Kurosaki teased that players have already discovered unexplorable parts of Verdansk. These same players have also found different clues and yet, the looming mystery remains unsolved for Warzone. Kurosaki noted that “some” of those mysteries will be unlocked by Infinity Ward in the fourth season.

Players have already discovered that there is a whole other part of Verdansk they haven’t seen yet. They have found clues, and that there is more than meets the eye in this city. Season 4 will unravel some of those mysteries and unlock some of them for our players.

As the battle in Verdansk wages on, things will grow more desperate. There are going to be more and more fighters sent in to turn the tide and we’re very excited to get our players to see and join alongside these new great warriors as they continue to fight.

Bunkers are not the only subject with question marks in Warzone as Kurosaki pointed out. Verdansk also has telephones and computers scattered across that are believed to be pieces of the same puzzle. Furthermore, data-miners have discovered the existence of access cards in Warzone — green, blue, red — that are presumably the way to unlock those bunkers. It appears that Infinity Ward has been planning a thematic event similar to the ones in Fortnite. Whatever resides inside those bunkers — speculated to be vehicles such as tanks — will undoubtedly allow players to wreak havoc. However, Warzone is currently into its third season and there are still nearly a couple of months before the fourth season.

Elsewhere, data-miners recently uncovered around a dozen different playlists that are yet to release for Warzone. They include a Classic Battle Royale that removes cash, contracts, loadouts, respawns, and the gulag; Mo Gulag Mo Problems that removes buy-backs; Bring Your Own Loadout that allows players to start with their chosen loadouts like in Plunder; and more.

Unfortunately, the leak made no mention of duos coming to Warzone anytime soon. That particular playlist has been highly wished for since the start and was speculated to be part of the ongoing third season. Infinity Ward will hopefully take the request into consideration soon.

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