Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 2 The Crucible Walkthrough

This Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 2: The Crucible walkthrough will cover the entirety of the mission. This story mission revolves around your Gears running and gunning through a battlefield while they try to collect 4 cases.

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Gears Tactics Act 2 Chapter 2 The Crucible

You need a minimum of 4 units, which includes Sid. We recommend having at least one support unit to keep you in the fight a little longer through the use of a stim.

Aside from the Locust bombers, you will face many other challenges during The Crucible.

You will have to take on Grenadiers and Sniper Drones while staying clear of the red-highlighted area.

There will be a bridge in front of where you spawn into the map and the first case is found on the left side of it. Send some units to immediately grab it.

You will encounter two Grenadiers and a group of wretches as you get closer to the bridge.

We recommend using a grenade to take care of the Wretches quickly so that you can focus fire on the Grenadiers.

Have a heavy-class soldier attack them since they have large health pools that need more damage to drain quickly.

Once the threats have been taken care of, you should make your way across the bridge.

You will find the second case in the wreckage of the house to the right.

Immediately after you’ve collected it, you will have to deal with Sniper Drones who pop up on the left side of this area.

Have a couple of units advance to cover in the center of the area while the remaining units make their forward on the left side.

Take shots at them consistently to keep their attacks interrupted. Eventually, you’ll be able to take them out.

There is another case on the left side of the area. We don’t recommend you go for it just yet since the odds of you successfully retrieving it are very low.

Have your units move up to the lower market area on the northwest side. There is another case ahead on the right side of the map.

Send a unit behind to the left side of this area and you will complete the main objective of Act 2 Chapter 2.

You will have to battle a whole bunch of Hammerburst Drones that spawn by the staircase on the right side.

This map has been largely about run and gun gameplay up to this point but we recommend placing an overwatch to take out some foes by the staircase.

Have the unit on the left side push forward while taking out whatever foes are left.

You will spot the extraction point in front of the convoy vehicle.

For completing The Crucible mission, you will be rewarded with 2 rare weapon mods. If you embraced the challenge and collected all 4 cases then you will also receive a rare armor.