How to Unlock Art Wing in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Redd is finally traveling around in Animal Crossing New Horizons and he has some interesting art to sell. However, you need someplace to display that art which is why in this guide, we will show you How to Unlock Art Wing in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How to Unlock Art Wing in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Building your island’s very own art exhibit can take some time. When you enter the game after the update, at this point you will meet Leif. Advance another day and Isabella will tell you a shady new character roaming about. This one is our guy.

Proceed to look for him outside of the main village. Find and talk to him, he’s a bit of a shady guy so will try to sell you a piece of art for a ridiculously high amount of money.

Just keep talking and persuading him until he drops his price and then buy the work of art from him.

From now on Redd’s boat will also appear, but you won’t be able to actually enter it until you speak to him again. You can periodically come to buy artwork from Redd.

Displaying the Artworks
Now there are two options if you want to display the artwork.

The first involves you hoarding all the art you find to display in your house, adding another touch to your lavish lifestyle in Animal Crossing.

The second one is where you could do some public good and donate the artworks to the museum.

Talk to Blathers inside the museum and he will be overjoyed at the donation telling you that he is planning on a new art wing.

You will have to advance 2 more days for the Art wing to be completed and lo and behold your art exhibit is functioning and waiting for you to fill it.

Now you have to be careful as Redd might try to sell you fake artworks too, just compare his one to the original to be sure.

Redd will visit your island on random occasions so be on the lookout for his boat. Once you make a purchase, the item will take a day to reach you.

Check for it in your mailbox and then you can decide whether to display it in your home or in the museum.