Akimbo & RPG Are Being Nerfed In Warzone

Infinity Ward is finally ready to address a couple of frustrating elements of Call of Duty: Warzone that a lot of players have been complaining about.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot confirmed that there are “adjustments” planned to balance out the Akimbo perk and RPG usage in Warzone. Infinity Ward is aiming to tackle Akimbo in a smaller update in the near future while RPGs will be tuned in the next larger update. Cecot refrained from mentioning just how the perk and weapon will be adjusted.

Akimbo is a perk that has to be first unlocked in Warzone by doing a fairly frustrating series of challenges. The perk allows a player to wield a pair of .357 revolvers that function as miniature shotguns when combined with the Snake Shot attachment. With a faster firing rate and longer range than the average shotgun, the Akimbo Snake-Shot combo makes quick work of enemies in close range. There has been outcry over the perk being a bit too overpowered. How the developer will be toning it down remains to be seen.

Then there are are the RPGs. Every squad has them right now in Warzone. In fact, most squads tend to RPG an entire building of enemies from the outside rather than try the same with conventional weaponry. They are not only accurate at long distances but also their greater explosive area makes sure that a single rocket can down multiple players within the affected radius. Warzone does feature an E.O.D perk to reduce the damage from explosives but frankly, the perk does little against continuous RPG firing.

Take note that Infinity Ward mentioned last week that the matchmaking of Warzone will be tweaked to force suspected cheaters to play against each other in a sort of prison island. Hence, significantly reducing the number of cheaters in every match, at least in theory. That matchmaking change was supposed to go live this week. It may as well be already live but Infinity Ward has not provided any confirmation for the time being.

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