Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy In The Works — Report

Sony has reportedly tasked developer Guerrilla Games to chalk out not one but two sequels for Horizon Zero Dawn in the form of a complete trilogy.

According to a report by VGC earlier today, sources close to the matter have confirmed that the story of Aloy will continue for another two installments. The report also states that while Sony was interested in making Horizon Zero Dawn into a franchise, Guerrilla Games too had a desire to deliver multiple installments. In that regard, a script for an entire trilogy was penned at the start but Sony wanted to first confirm if the original installment sold well before allowing the Amsterdam-based developer to continue with the sequels.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive success and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide within the first couple of years. Understandably, Guerrilla Games had already started work on a sequel soon after the original was released in early 2017. Several job listings from last year have suggested development to be going full speed ahead. There was a point when Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was speculated to be a current-generation offering on PlayStation 4 but has since then been curbed for an obvious next-generation PlayStation 5 release.

Last month, a surprising announcement confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn to be coming to PC somewhere in the summers. The release will likely include all post-release updates and expansion packs as a single packed. Guerrilla Games is yet to share any more details such as PC-exclusive features but those interested can go ahead and add the game to their Steam wishlists.

PlayStation 5 is still eying a worldwide launch during the holiday season at the end of the year. While the threat of COVID-19 has birthed a few concerns, Sony has assured that there will be no delays. As such, expecting Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to be a launch title would be overly optimistic. The sequel will probably see the light of day in another year at the earliest.

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