RimWorld Update 1.1.2610 Is Live, Improved Quest Generation

RimWorld has received some important updates in the form of Update 1.1.2610. This patch is now available on PC (Steam). You will see that with RimWorld Update 1.1.2610, the developers made various general improvements for the base game and Royalty, and also focused on tightening quest generation and making nobles more flexible. They also made some important technical adjustments.

RimWorld is a sandbox-like survival and management game, where you have to colonize a territory. Diplomacy, the arts, psychology, commerce, and combat, form the set of tools that you have to use for your society to develop. Below you will see some important patch notes regarding RimWorld Update 1.1.2610.

  • Multiple thrones can now share one throneroom.
  • Allow non-noble pawns to play music. High culture recreation type is re-labeled to music recreation. Allow non-conceited nobles use dexterity play.
  • Make speech from the throne an ability player can control. High-level royals gain the ability to do a speech from the throne. It has a cooldown (so the speaker can think of ideas for the next speech). The feedback for throne speeches now tells the player the chances of different outcomes, along with the relevant social stat.
  • Removed minimum expectations for non-conceited titles (that is, titles of pawns who were not born royalty and are not greedy or jealous) thanks to this RimWorld patch.
  • Implemented category-based melee verb selection. Previously, pawns would select which melee verb to use simply by a weighted random selection according to the power of their different verbs. However, this created an incoherency where adding, for example, a knee spike to a pawn with a longsword would actually make him worse, since the knee spike is less powerful than the longsword but now he is more likely to choose a verb besides the longsword. The new verb category system places each verb in one of three categories – best, mid, and worst thanks to this RimWorld patch. It then chooses randomly between best (75% of the time) and mid (25% of the time). So adding a knee spike to a longsword wielder will not make him use the longsword less often; rather it will replace his fists as the mid-tier verb and improve his damage per second.
  • Colonists can now be set as master to any animal they are bonded with regardless of skill. This prevents situations where starting animals begin bonded to colonists who cannot become their master, leading to a permanent negative thought for the colonist not being master of the bonded animal.
  • “New quest” letters now link directly to the relevant quest instead of requiring an extra click.
  • Shuttles that don’t land on landing pads will now avoid crushing buildings, items, and trees.

Are you eager to see more details regarding this patch? Here you will find the complete list of all RimWorld Update 1.1.2610 patch notes. Take note that Ludeon Studios’ RimWorld released on October 17, 2018 for PC.

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