CSGO 04/16/2020 Update (v1095) Released, Fixes And Improvements

Valve and Hidden Path’s CSGO has received a brand new patch. This patch is now available on PC (Steam). You will find that with CSGO 04/16/2020 Update (v1095), the developers made various bug fixes, additions, improvements, and adjustments to gameplay, user interface, music, maps, and more. The Events tab of the Watch menu will now also present online competitions.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CSGO) is a first-person shooter action video game. Fourth installment of the Valve saga, CSGO repeats the usual approach: two teams, terrorists and anti-terrorists, fighting each other to meet objectives such as planting / deactivating a bomb. It is the most popular multiplayer FPS among eSports and has dedicated servers as well as custom games where you can enjoy many game modes. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding CSGO 04/16/2020 Update (v1095).

  • Gameplay: Added one-on-one warmup arenas when playing Wingman mode on Vertigo and Train.
  • Gameplay: Added a new weapon parameter “inaccuracy jump apex”, set to 331.55 for the Deagle.
  • UI: Added ability to see crosshairs of observed players.
  • UI: Added ability to copy crosshairs of other players (through the scoreboard).
  • UI: Added ability to listen to music kit MVP anthem when inspecting music kits.
  • Misc: Fixed agents sometimes not holding weapons on the end of match screens thanks to this CSGO patch.
  • Misc: Fixed agents in Perfect World version sometimes vocalizing English radio commands.
  • Misc: The Events tab of the Watch menu will now also present online competitions.
  • Maps – Anubis: Fixed the prop draw distance at canal in front of A.
  • Maps – Chlorine: Visual rework of base textures to help visibility.
  • Maps – Jungle: Added more loot crates in few regions of a map.
  • Maps – Vertigo: Brightened i-beam textures.
  • Maps – Train: Moved pigeons that sometimes spawned near Ivy, no longer visible from CT side of ivy.

Here you will find the complete list of all CSGO 04/16/2020 Update (v1095) patch notes. I remind you that Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released on August 21, 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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