SCUM Update 0.3.77 Is Out, Reworked Colour of Patches

A brand new patch went live for SCUM on PC (Steam). With SCUM Update 0.3.77, you will find that the developers reworked the colour of patches to be less colourful and dirt is also now more realistic. They also fixed the bug where players would lose ownership of their flag, they fixed the bug that caused a crash when reloading M1 with an empty clip and only one bullet, and more.

SCUM is a multiplayer action and survival game that takes us to a world where society increasingly needs stronger, harder and more exciting entertainment. In this way, the viewer’s attention is drawn to very violent programs, full of blood, SCUM being the main star, a reality show set on an island full of prisoners.

Thus, like the well-known The Hunger Games, prisoners and participants face to survive while struggling to win the overall public’s favor. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding SCUM Update 0.3.77.

  • Colour of patches has been reworked to be less colourful, also dirt is now more realistic.
  • Reworked size and icons for big and small logs to better fit in containers.
  • Basic grinding stone can now be crafted.
  • Added sounds and increased duration to 10 seconds for trap kill notifications.
  • Night vision binding is now on N.
  • Fix the bug where players would lose ownership of their flag.
  • Fixed an item duplication bug thanks to this SCUM patch.
  • Fixed the bug that caused a crash when reloading M1 with an empty clip and one bullet.
  • Fixed kill notifications not getting deleted after login (mine and trap kills).
  • Fixed an exploit through witch servers could be DDoS attacked (Don’t make witch servers pls <3(yea it was a typo, but we own it)).
  • So puppet spawning was a bit whacky to set up on private servers, we found the issue and resolved it. Now when you go set up puppet spawners you will have new parameters you can play with..

Here you will find the complete list of all SCUM Update 0.3.77 patch notes. I remind you that Gamepires’ SCUM released as an early access title on August 29, 2018 for PC.

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