Crysis Remastered Leaked, Will Support Ray Tracing

Just as speculations were dictating, the original Crysis will indeed be receiving a remastered release from Crytek in the near future.

While an official announcement remains to be made, a new landing page was discovered on the official website earlier today that confirms Crysis Remastered to be inbound for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The accompanying metadata also revealed that Crytek will be adding new graphic features, high-quality textures, support for the latest CryEngine hardware, and ray tracing solutions to enhance the overall experience.

Since news has already been made, expect Crytek to drop the official word soon, which should confirm the release date as well.

The official Twitter account of Crysis became active a few days ago following a period of silence that lasted for more than three years. Crytek made a reference to Jake “Nomad” Dunn, the protagonist of the original Crysis, which had many believing that a remastered release was in the works.

However, at the same time, Crytek has also been discovered to be working on an unannounced triple-a project for current-generation platforms. Whether that turns out to be a new Crysis installment or not remains to be seen.

Furthermore, just how Crysis Remastered will run on Nintendo Switch is a much bigger question. The hybrid console usually sees developers toning down graphical capabilities in accordance with the limiting hardware and the same is expected from Crytek. Even in the case of a gimped version, the old “can it run Crysis?” meme will be coming back in one form or another.