Valorant 04/15/2020 Update Released, Cypher’s Camera Made Less Lethal

Riot Games’ Valorant has received a brand new patch for April 15. This patch is now available on PC. With Valorant 04/15/2020 Update, you will find that this is quite a small patch, as there are only three confirmed patch notes. The devs made Cypher’s camera less lethal under certain circumstances, they patched a number of map exploits, and fixed audio dropping after consecutive games.

Valorant (formerly known under the code name Project A) is a first-person tactical shooter and action video game developed by Riot Games, authors of League of Legends, set in the MOBA universe. The game takes place in a beautiful version of Earth in the near future and features a deadly cast of characters, each with unique abilities to create tactical opportunities in 5v5 matches. Below you will find the complete list of all Valorant 04/15/2020 Update patch notes.

  • Cypher’s camera made less lethal under certain… circumstances.
  • Patched a number of map exploits.
  • Fixed audio dropping after consecutive games.

How can I get a code to play the closed beta? Until now, many players asked themselves this question, while many others spent hours and hours behind the screen waiting for a key to appear in their account when they saw infinite hours of gameplay on Twitch. The game has broken audience records on the streaming platform, but many still can’t play.

Until now, only a few streamers could give away keys. Now, Riot Games has announced that all streamers will randomly drop Valorant keys, rather than just a select few. Therefore, now it will not be necessary to watch exclusive channels, and small streamers will have the opportunity for their viewers to obtain the key by simply watching their streams.

While we’re still running closed beta drops 24/7, please note that this change doesn’t increase the number of drops, just that you can watch any VALORANT stream to be eligible.

I remind you that Riot Games’ Valorant released as a closed beta title on April 7, 2020 for PC; and will receive a final release in the summer of 2020.

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