Stoneshard Patch Is Live, Trollslayer

Ink Stains Games and HypeTrain Digital’s Stoneshard has received a brand new update. This update is now available on PC (Steam). With Stoneshard Patch, the developers introduces the game’s first major update, Trollslayer. You will find that this expansion adds a new boss, two new skill trees, quite a few new items, loads of fixes, some improvements, and various additions.

In this game you enter the dark world of Stoneshard, a challenging open-world RPG with elements of roguelike adventures and survival video games. Inspired by classics like Diablo, but also in recent works such as Darkest Dungeon and The Banner Saga, in this role-playing adventure you embark on a dangerous journey through a fantasy world full of monsters.

Your trip will take you to meet different characters who, depending on your action, will decide whether or not to join your team. With them you acquire new skills and the favor of the gods, essential to survive the challenges of a Stoneshard in which there is the dreaded permanent death. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Stoneshard Patch, Trollslayer.

  • New boss: Ancient Troll and its dedicated quest line. Try your luck at defeating this dangerous monster, but first make sure that your character is properly leveled!
  • Two new skill trees: Athletics and Combat Mastery. 27 new abilities to include into your builds!
  • Save slots: No more shuffling game files around – keep as many characters as you want.
  • Altars: discover them alongside the roads and gain the Host’s blessing for bonus experience.
  • Grave robbing: rob graves using a shovel or your bare hands to discover valuable (or not) loot. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a grave of some legendary warrior thanks to this Stoneshard update.
  • New fauna: saigas and bisons. Venture into the steppes to hunt them: their pelts and horns are rather valuable. Be careful – bisons are capable of standing up for themselves…
  • New flora: treat your wounds with fleawort, use henbane to enter battle rage, snack on roasted penny buns.
  • New meat system: every animal drops a dedicated meat type on death. Even rats and bats are not an exception.
  • “Gathering the Caravan”: the quest has been expanded to have a better conclusion instead of ending the storyline abruptly upon fulfilling three contracts.
  • Fast travel system between the villages, which becomes available upon completing the first part of “Gathering the Caravan” thanks to this Stoneshard update.
  • Two hidden quests: To discover them you’ll have to pay attention to the dialogues and maybe help a certain person in their time of need. Miniquests/requests will be added with the follow-up patches.
  • Three new points of interest. Explore the world in search of new landmarks, each with their own loot and lore. You can save your progress in some of these locations.
  • New dungeon type: the Catacombs. The proselytes now inhabit them instead of the Crypts.

Here you will find the complete list of Stoneshard Patch, Trollslayer patch notes. I remind you that Ink Stains Games and HypeTrain Digital’s Stoneshard released as an early access title on February 06, 2020 for PC (Steam).

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