New Crysis Teaser Put Up On Official Twitter Account, No Further Info Yet

The Crysis Twitter account may have just proved to us that a supposedly fake teaser posted online back on April 1 may not actually be fake after all. While we have no idea of what it’s actually teasing, the new Crysis teaser will hopefully be getting us some news very soon.

Despite various rumors of a Crysis remaster over the past several years, Crytek has been too absorbed both in developing other games and various company issues to apparently do anything about the franchise. Crysis 3, released in 2013, seemed to have put an end to the series.

If it does turn out to be some sort of remaster, the PC gaming community may end up revitalizing one of its oldest memes, the question of how any computer can run Crysis. The original game, when it came out in 2007, became infamous for its enormous graphical requirements.

However, the Crysis teaser could also be talking about something completely different, perhaps a new entry in the series that doesn’t have anything to do with the story of the original. But until we actually have information from Crytek, we’ll just have to sit and speculate.

Back on April 1, Crytek supposedly created an April Fools’ joke by releasing a remastered render of Nomad, the protagonist of the first Crysis game. While developers creating assets solely for April Fools is nothing new, so is developers pulling bait-and-switches on fans.

Either way, something Crysis-related will be happening in the very near future. It could be a remaster of the original game, or something entirely new, but either way any interested fan should keep their eye on the Crysis teaser on Twitter.

If it actually does turn out to be a Crysis remaster, hopefully PCs have advanced enough these days that most gaming computers are actually capable of running it. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.