Intel Comet-Lake CPUs Outrageous Thermals!

With time passing by, we got more details on the Intel Comet-Lake lineup thanks to all the leaks. A recent benchmark test surfaced revealing to us the Intel Comet-Lake CPU’s outrageous thermals. It is obvious that 2019 and 2020 have not been good years for Intel. With the constant pressure by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) products, the Blue team has not delivered much. The Comet Lake CPUs were first revealed on 21st August 2019. It was expected that the 10 gen lineup will go directly against the Ryzen series CPUs. However, that may seem hard to prove at this point.

The Comet-Lake CPUs only showed higher clock frequencies in comparison to its predecessor (Intel Skylake). Not a wise move by Blue team while a being under threat from the Ryzen 4000 series CPUs. However, leaks revealed that the high boost frequencies came at a hefty price. The 10 core flagship Core i9 10900F variant draws power levels above the Nvidia RTX 2080 Graphics card. That is insane as it shows the Core i9 10900F demanding  224W alone on. This may further indicate that to be able to enjoy consistent turbo clock speeds, you will need a premium aftermarket cooling solution onboard.

This makes up for an expensive build. While spending $400+ for a CPU, you will also require a good aftermarket cooling solution and a capable power supply. We saw the AMD Ryzen 3950X destroy the previous Core i9-9980XE in both single and multi-threaded performance. Comparing that 16 core beast, the 3950X has a TDP of 105W which maxes out at a reasonable 146W. This may be proof that the 14nm architecture is falling behind and Intel needs to move to a better architecture fast.

The Comet-Lake CPUs Outraegous thermals don’t make it a fair deal both budget-wise and performance-wise. We know that high thermals affect both the hardware performance and life. It is ironic how AMD CPUs were known for thermal issues and high power consumption in the past. The tables may have turned now? We can’t be sure as Intel has yet to release their Tiger-Lake CPUs which will also come out later this year. For now, iwe cannot tell how Intel plans to tackle this issue.

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