Microman Announced, Will Release on Next-Gen Consoles

Who says that the next generation of consoles approaching will stop indie developers from making great games? Glob Games, an up-and-coming polish indie studio is releasing Microman, a take on Antman but with more… realism. The game will release on PC, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

As far as the game looks, you are a 10cm high guy, trying to find his way around in a world of giants. The concept looks terrifying. Your ultimate goal is to return to your normal size and it sure won’t be easy. How did this happen to you, you ask? Well, you work in a laboratory so accidents will happen.

What’s most important about Microman is its platform array. The game will not only release on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch. It will also find itself bypassing Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Instead, it will release directly on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Undeniably, such a vibrant and realistic world will need a powerful system to play at its best. That is, of course, if developers take advantage of all their features. If that is what Glob Games intends to do so, we are up for ray tracing, fast loads and 60FPS of trying not to be stepped on by humans. Karol Marcinkowski, Vice President at Glob Games Studio says about the game’s world:

“Our new game will allow you to look at the human world from a completely fresh perspective. Microman will have to face adversities that the average person would not even think of. We will provide the players with a surprising, dynamic and – at the same time – a very multifaceted adventure. We will be fighting rats, running away from a hedgehog, looking for a way to get on the bus or trying to avoid human feet. And these are just some of the things Microman will offer. All this will be wrapped in stylish audio and visuals and sprinkled with a good dose of good humor”

There’s no set release date for Microman yet. The game is available to wishlist on Steam. Given its selection of platforms, we shall expect it to drop sometime next year, after the release of next-gen consoles.

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