Quantic Dream Lawsuit Launched Against Industry Union Amid Calls For Testimony

Quantic Dream’s legal woes just seem to be getting worse and worse, but the company is now starting to fight back. A Quantic Dream lawsuit has been launched against French video game industry union Solidaires Informatique Jue Video as the union called for testimonies against the studio for sexual assault.

Quantic Dream has been the subject of multiple lawsuits over the past several years after allegations of a toxic work environment and sexual harassment and assault have come to light. Quantic Dream’s lawsuit appears to have the intention of stopping testimony from coming to light.

While Quantic Dream is known for its various narrative choice-based games such as Indigo Prophecy, Beyond: Two Souls and most recently Detroit: Become Human, its creator David Cage has come under no small amount of scrutiny for past actions and various rumors spread by gamers, such as having a photo album of pictures of Ellen Page.

This Quantic Dream lawsuit isn’t the first time the studio has attempted to sue a body in order to keep allegations of its internal workings from coming to light. The studio had previously sued Le Monde and Mediapart, two French media outlets that had reported on sexism, racism, and overwork in the studio.

While this lawsuit from Quantic Dream will likely have a similar result to that one, continued testimony about the terrible conditions inside the studio may end up leading to Quantic Dream’s end. Unlike Riot Games, which faced similar allegations last year, the studio isn’t nearly as successful and doesn’t have nearly as rabid a fanbase.

However, we’ll just have to keep an eye on this legal saga and see where it goes. Considering the previous lawsuit against the studio succeeded, the Quantic Dream lawsuit may not have a leg to stand on against the SIJV if more former Quantic Dream employees come forward.