Planet Zoo Update 1.2.1 Released, Stability Fixes

A new patch went live for Planet Zoo on PC (Steam). With Planet Zoo Update 1.2.1, you will find this is quite a small patch, as there are only six patch notes and the developers only focused on stability fixes. Some things that stand out in this patch is that they fixed a crash accessing genealogy screen for animals not in your own park, they fixed a crash calculating the shelter map, and they also fixed a rare background crash updating ride power consumption.

Planet Zoo is a management game from Frontier. Set in a huge zoo, players can manage small ecosystems for each of the animal species within the park, gradually improving them by modifying the terrain and adding toys and attractions for animals to have fun and learn. It has a very specific staff design and hiring system, as well as a 3D graphic engine that has a great realism to it. Below you will find the complete list of Planet Zoo Update 1.2.1 patch notes.

Hayo zookeepers! Thanks for all your incredible support yesterday as we launched Update 1.2 and the South America Pack! We’ve had some great feedback, both positive and constructive. With that being said, we’ve now released Update 1.2.1.

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect DLC popup and subsequent crash when clicking it from loading saves that have existed from beta/release. Some assets thought not to have been released had been cleaned up and needed further tweaks to work.
  • Fixed a crash thanks to this Planet Zoo patch accessing genealogy screen for animals not in your own park.
  • Fixed a crash calculating the shelter map.
  • Fixed a rare crash accessing the object browser.
  • Fixed a rare background crash updating ride power consumption.
  • Fixed a rare crash opening the inspector’s report.

If you encounter any issues please be sure to let the devs know on their Issue Tracker so they can investigate the problems as soon as possible. I remind you that Frontier Developments’ Planet Zoo released on November 5, 2019 for PC.