Final Fantasy 7 Remake Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

Scorpion Sentinel is the first boss of the FF7 Remake that you will face during Chapter 1. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Scorpion Sentinel Boss guide will help you understand the moves and attacks that the boss will use as well as strategies to help you in the Scorpion Sentinel boss fight.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Scorpion Sentinel Boss

The Scorpion Sentinel uses following attacks throughout the battle.

  • The sentinel will stomp is two front legs, stomping and electrocuting nearby party members.
  • Death Grip: Scorpion Sentinel uses one of its cannon arms to grab an enemy it grabbed nearby.
  • Target Scanner: This is a non-damaging red laser that the sentinel uses to target its next prey.
  • Scorpion Sentinel has two types of launchers, the Mark 98, which launches a barrage of missiles on enemies from a distance, and Mark 99, where the sentinel uses it’s two arm cannons to fire at an enemy.
  • EM Field: Scorpion Sentinel releases an electric field around it, damaging all enemies.
  • Tail Lasers: The sentinel will raise his tail and charge a strong laser attack.
  • A combination of both launchers

The Scorpion Sentinel boss fight in FF7 Remake has four different stages. Each stage, Scorpion Sentinel uses different tactics.

Before you start, keep in mind that Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Thunder, so Barrett’s Thunder spell can be used to deal higher damage.

Stage 1
In this phase, the sentinel will be shuffling around the platform, and the fight segment is pretty straight forward. Try to avoid his target scanner by moving around and focus on attacking the sentinel only.

It is recommended to use Cloud’s Focused Thrust, and Barrett’s Focused Shot alternatingly. If you get lucky, the boss will be staggered and you can deal higher damage.

If the sentinel does get staggered, use Barrett’s Thunder Spell, as it will stack the type effectiveness damage.

Stage 2
It will trigger as soon as the boss reaches 75% of it’s Health. The sentinel jumps away and creates a barrier around him. At this point, he’ll be immune to any physical attack. Switch to Barrett and head behind the sentinel.

You’ll notice a Field Generator under the tail. This will be your main target for this stage. Keep attacking it even with Cloud if you need to.

You can use Barrett’s Steelskin to eliminate any personal stagger and keep the barrage going on.

Once the generator is down, go offensive. This stage now has an added move where the sentinel will use his launchers after jumping on a wall. Use Barrett to damage him in these segments.

Stage 3
It begins as the Scorpion Sentinel is at 50% health. As it initiates, the sentinel will launch rockets, causing debris to fall, keep this in mind.

Now the attack you need to look out for here is his tail laser. He’ll raise his tail, charge and fire a strong laser at you. Avoid it by taking cover behind the debris. At the end of the attack, the debris will breakdown and vanish.

This move will be used multiple times, and each time the sentinel will conveniently get some debris for you to hide behind by launching rockets. Other then this, the 3rd stage is similar to the 1st, so just keep the attacks going.

Stage 4
Sentinel is now at 25% of health and desperate. At this point, he’ll go into auto recovery stage, while aimlessly firing rockets. You need to be quick and brutal here.

Use all your strongest moves and keep it from recovering its health. Soon, you’ll be done with the robot.