Dying Light 2 Ray Tracing Makes The Game Feel More Intense

In a zombie survival game, atmosphere is just as important as how many zombies you can fit on screen at the same time. Techland, the developers of the Dying Light games, know this, and say that Dying Light 2 ray tracing definitely helps with the game’s atmosphere, making it feel more intense.

Considering that Dying Light 2 is being developed both for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X as well as current-gen consoles, it’s no surprise that Techland’s wanting to go all out on the graphics front, especially since Dying Light 2 is already a big game.

Taking place in another post-apocalyptic city overrun by zombies, Dying Light 2 is apparently the biggest game that Techland has made in their C-engine, their in-house game development engine that they also used to make the original Dying Light.

Thanks to the increased power of consoles like the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, the Dying Light 2 ray tracing technology makes shadows in sunny weather look more realistic and ambient occlusion effects no longer suffer from compromises that the studio has to make during development.

However, just as light is important for players, darkness is also important in Dying Light, especially given one of the series’ trademarks is how the zombies are able to mutate in darkness. Making the darkness darker, therefore, makes the game even scarier when dealing with these things.

Considering that in darkness, particularly the game’s “Dark Zones” where zombies like to congregate, players will have their visibility greatly lessened even with a flashlight, you may be in for more than a few jump scares should zombies pop up where you’re not expecting them to.

While we still don’t have an official release date for Dying Light 2 yet other than sometime this year, hopefully all of this talk about the Dying Light 2 ray tracing technology will end up living up to its hype.