Dangerous Driving 2 Interview — Open-World Freedom, Free-Roam, New Ways To Play

Dangerous Driving 2, much like the first installment from last year, will once again aim at being a spiritual successor to the classic Burnout games.

The ambitious goal is understandable since developer Three Fields Entertainment was formed by former members of Criterion Games who originally worked on the Burnout franchise. In that regard, Dangerous Driving 2 will be pressing down on the pedal harder by introducing an open-world format — a kind of ode to the decade-old critically acclaimed Burnout Paradise.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, Three Fields Entertainment shared that one of the main features of the sequel will be to give players the freedom to do whatever they want behind the wheel. Dangerous Driving 2 will offer new modes so that players can choose to play with their friends as well. That covers both online and split-screen gameplay.

Speaking of which, Dangerous Driving 2 has received a number of improvements over its previous installment in areas like collisions, handling, physics, and such. Three Fields Entertainment previously made a commitment to learn from the first game and address issues in the sequel. Dangerous Driving 2 will see that promise fulfilled.

Dangerous Driving 2 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch with a release window in late 2020. You can head on to go through the interview below.

Just how large is the in-game world?
While we’re not ready to discuss the size of Dangerous Driving 2 at present, we think racing fans will enjoy the freedom to play however they wish within the world. Players will have the option to compete in closed track racing or they can simply spend time hanging out in the dynamic open world, solo or with friends, whether that’s online or split screen!

You have promised to improve areas that you were not happy with in the first game. Care to highlight those areas?
No-one can be more critical of our games than we are ourselves. That’s the way we have always been. It’s in our DNA. So expect to see focus in areas such as collisions, handling, general physics reactions, AI, deformation and gameplay. That’s as well as all the new things we will be doing such as supporting the Switch, adding split screen play, new modes and ways to play.

What sort of activities can players expect from the open world? Will they be allowed to free-roam?
Yes players will absolutely be able to freedrive round the world and we expect them to spend a lot of time doing just that, whether on their own or with friends. We’re not ready to talk about the activities that will be on offer but it’s something we are thinking about a lot.

How will the multiplayer mode work?
Dangerous Driving 2 features split screen multiplayer, which is perfect for head to head competition against friends and family. You’ll be able to compete in races together or simply hang out in the open world and see who can cause the biggest crashes. Online multiplayer will also be available, so players can challenge the best drivers around the globe if they’ve already beaten the local competition. We’ll be talking more about the kinds of modes we will offer later in the year,

What sort of in-game purchases/microtransactions can be expected?
There are no microtransactions in the game. Nothing is locked behind a paywall in Dangerous Driving 2.

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