Seagate’s Next-Generation SSD Solution is For Gamers, For PS5 and Series X Too?

Seagate’s new-generation SSD solution is for gamers however, will it be for PS5 and Series X too? There are three products in the new lineup, Seagate FireCuda gaming dock, FireCuda gaming SSD and the BarraCuda Fast SSD. These three lineups specially target those with the need of the next generation of e-sports games. We already know that SSDs increase performance by a huge difference. With faster loading screens, it gives the edge to players of getting right in the action.

Seagate’s new SSDs promise both high performance and smart design. The FireCuda Gaming Dock includes NVMe M.2 expansion slots and 4TB of HDD storage space. The FireCuda Gaming SSD and BarraCuda fast SSD both pack high performance read/write speeds and convenience suitable for gamers to carry around. While this is already great news for PC gamers, the question is will PS5 and Series X also take advantage of the lineup? We have seen both the game devices suffer from delayed load screens. Games like Bloodborne are famous for long loading screen issues. You can, however, replace the HD by copying your game data and the SONY PS5 OS on to an SSD. This, however, does require some technical work and not everyone is ready to go through the hassle.

We already know that the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will be using SSD technology. The PS5 specifications reveal that it will come with a custom 825GB SSD and an NVMe expansion slot. On the Microsoft side, the Series X comes with a 1TB custom NVMe SSD and an expandable storage slot for additional space. We did see the Xbox One get a storage upgrade previously from Seagate in the past. Although we have specifications on both consoles, it is not confirmed if both companies will use Seagate devices. Though seeing Seagate’s concentration towards better gaming performance proves worthy of being present in both devices.

The FireCuda Gaming SSD and BarraCuda Fast SSD both come with similar storage sizes of 500GB, 1TB or 2TB. These BarraCuda Fast SSD will deliver read/write speeds of up to 540Mbs per second. The FireCuda Gaming SSD however, packs some impressive speeds. With an enormous 2000Mb/s on USB 3.2 gen 2×2 and a 1000Mb/s on 3.1, this will help in fast data transfer and fast game installations as well. Furthermore, the BarraCuda Fast SSD also comes with a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port to provide flexibility. Lastly, it’s compact size makes it easy to carry with eye-catchy green LED lights when connected. This will both be compatible with Mac and PC. It will also contain the Seagate Toolkit which allows users with secure backing up and sync capabilities.

Seagate has been a fairly reliable company throughout the years. Known for good reliability, the SSD lineup is just another game-changer for the company. For now we can only wait and see if Sony and Microsoft will use their next-gen SSD solutions. However, ‘s PC gamers will get to enjoy the full experience of the new storage solutions.

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