The Last of Us 2 Delay Leaves Naughty Dog Confused Says Director

One of the biggest disappointments this year in the video game industry is, without question, the delay in The Last of Us 2 release. Although the game is ready to ship, Naughty Dog had to step down given the current global situation and postpone its launch to a later date. This didn’t leave Naughty Dog intact. The studio is confused about where this leaves its situation right now.

In a recent episode of the Official PlayStation Blogcast, The Lat of Us 2 director Neil Druckmann talked about the current state of the game. According to him, the studio is as disappointed as its fans. He said:

“Internally we know we have a great game. We have to wait a little bit longer to get it out there to fans. I know fans are disappointed and believe me when I say this: we’re just as disappointed, if not more so, to not be able to get the game out on time.”

The director goes on by saying that “things are changing day to day” and “there hasn’t been a final decision yet”. Naughty Dog is still reacting to the current events. Although the game is ready, the team has to find the perfect timing for it to ship. The extra time will give them the opportunity to add some finishing touches. It goes without saying that the team has its hands tied while COVID-19 has the world in a hiatus. While shipping is “hurting” by the current status quo, The Last of Us 2 delay was the right call for Naughty Dog.

Druckmann continues by reassuring fans that the game is indeed ready. Right now, the team is waiting to figure out when the perfect time for the fans to see it is. Be it one or two months, it all comes down to when the market is ready for it. He says:

“We’re at the one-yard line. We want to polish it as much as we can. We’re taking our time to review each section and making sure it’s all Naughty Dog quality. The game is there. We just have to sit on it for a little bit and figure out what’s the best way to get it to our fans.”

There’s still no clear picture on when The Last of Us 2 will release after its delay. Both Naughty Dog’s big sequel and Iron Man VR are in cryostasis for the time being. There are no set release dates for both of them right now. Let’s hope that it won’t come to the point where we’ll have to wait until autumn to experience them. Hopefully, a summer launch will be the solution.