Playstation Store Takes Down The Last of Us 2 Post Delay

While the industry is still processing the fact that The Last of Us 2 is delayed, the game is now removed from the Playstation Store. This means you can no longer pre-order its digital edition or see its details. What does it mean for those who have already bought it?

Sony’s decision to remove The Last of Us 2 from the Playstation Store comes to a surprise. Although the game is in hiatus, it doesn’t mean that pre-orders should suffer. Under the current global situation, digital sales will see an increase. As a result, fans will find it easier to pre-order a digital copy of the game in case it releases in the coming weeks. Shipping will be slower for the first few weeks after the worldwide quarantines subside. So, it doesn’t make sense for the publisher to take the game off the charts.

This also raises suspicion. Will its release be that late that Sony can take the hit in digital sales? If that is so, then we’re in for a bad surprise. Whatever the case, those who have already bought it should not worry. A simple refund request would result in returned PSN credits to get another game to grind in the next weeks. Pre-ordering a physical copy is a safe bet, although you must take the shipping situation under consideration.

The Last of Us 2’s removal from the Playstation Store though has a simple explanation. Sony enables each game’s store page after its set release date. This makes sense in terms of store policies.

For the time being, we have no clue about when The Last of Us 2 will launch. If you’re considering getting a refund on the Playstation Store, you have an obvious alternative. With the PSN credits you’ll get from its refund you can get Final Fantasy VII Remake which releases in only 4 days and play until Naughty Dog is ready to release its game.