Animal Crossing: New Horizon Leak Reveals Summer Update Contents

A recent leak on Animal Crossing: New Horizon reveals that its summer update will bring back a fan-favorite activity, town upgrades and returning familiar faces. Although the originality of the leak is questionable, it does keep the hype going on what the game will include in a few months, after a series of content updates.

According to the leak, there’s a big content update scheduled for this summer. The summer Animal Crossing: New Horizon update will bring back diving, an activity that will boost the game’s playtime by a lot. Apart from that, 40 deep-sea creatures in total will release. Given the fact that sea activities are a big part of the game, diving will add up to it. Apart from the basic diving, we might see even more “secrets” waiting to be discovered under the sea.

To complement this addition, Animal Crossing: New Horizon will also get a museum update. The leak suggests that there will be a new room in the museum to display Gyroids you dug up as well as an updated aquarium room to showcase the animals you get while sea diving.

Last but not least, two new establishments make their way to the game in the summer update: the Roost Cafe and the Art Exhibit. In addition, Phineas will make a comeback for the solstice event. At least that’s what the new leak promotes. As with any similar leak, however, you should take this one with a grain of salt. Games with high popularity get such rumors on a daily basis so there’s no telling if this is a legit upcoming update. We’ll have to wait for at least two months before we know for sure.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is and will remain exclusive on Nintendo Switch. This didn’t stop it from becoming the fastest-selling game in the UK for the Switch as well as Japan’s biggest release on the hybrid console. Given the current global situation, the popularity of Animal Crossing and Nintendo Switch games, in general, will continue rising in popularity and sales.