Metal Gear Solid Success Caught Hideo Kojima By Surprise

Everyone in the gaming world knows Hideo Kojima, the architect of the Metal Gear series that gave us one of gaming’s most recognized characters. However, despite the Metal Gear Solid success, when the game first came out, Hideo Kojima didn’t actually know just how big the game actually was.

In an interview given to BAFTA (the British Academy For The Arts) in recognition of Kojima being nominated for ten different awards, Kojima spoke about how originally the first two Metal Gear games, which took place on Shadow Moses Island and Zanzibarland, were fairly niche games.

Though they had the starts of what would become the Metal Gear Solid franchise’s deep and complex plotline, it took the first 3D game, Metal Gear Solid, to actually catapult the Metal Gear series into the series into the mainstream.

The Metal Gear Solid success surprised Kojima when he first saw its impact, way back in E3 2000 when he got to see just how popular the game had actually gotten. Being treated like a rockstar didn’t actually change Kojima’s normal day-to-day life, as he was still a normal developer, but it did open his mind.

The impact that Metal Gear Solid’s reception had on Kojima was what truly cemented him into the life of a video game developer, and that has continued even twenty years later, with many Metal Gear games and an open-world walking simulator under his belt.

While Kojima’s highly successful Metal Gear days are behind him, considering the response to his first original IP in years, Death Stranding, his Metal Gear Solid success will probably be following him for the rest of his career.

With the impact that he’s made in the video gaming world, it’s likely that we can expect Hideo Kojima to continue putting out games for a good while into the foreseeable future. Hopefully each of them can be just as good as the previous ones, if not better.