Last Of Us 2 Delay Is Because Of Logistics, Game Otherwise Nearly Ready

Naughty Dog and Sony made the unfortunate announcement today that they were being forced to delay The Last Of Us 2 because of the coronavirus. However, the Last Of Us 2 delay wasn’t due to development issues caused by the virus, but due to logistics related to getting the game out on time.

The coronavirus has struck many areas of the world particularly hard, and with many countries in quarantine to keep their citizens from contracting the disease, there was no feasible way for Sony and Naughty Dog to be able to print, ship, and sell the discs in a satisfactory manner.

Even though digital games are becoming more and more popular, there is still a segment of gamers that like to get physical game disks as well. That, and most companies don’t take digital sales into account when talking about how much a game has sold.

At the same time, the Last Of Us 2 delay hasn’t stopped Naughty Dog from working on the game. Various employees such as QA testers and others are still working, and are apparently still under crunch hours despite the coronavirus. However, since the delay is indefinite, hopefully that will make Naughty Dog lighten up.

All of this news comes from Jason Schreier of Kotaku, who has often been responsible for giving us behind-the-scenes peeks at the inner workings of many gaming studios including BioWare when working on Anthem and the development cycle of that game.

Since the Last Of Us 2 delay is indefinite, we can’t really give any specific idea of when we can expect the game to actually be coming out in the future. The game was originally slated to come out at the tail end of May, but until the pandemic dies out, there’s no telling when that will happen.

Considering fans of the series have waited years for The Last Of Us 2, hopefully they can afford to wait for a few more months.