AMD Radeon RX Gama XT Specs and Benchmarks

Exciting news dropped today revealing  AMD’s Radeon RX Gama XT specs and benchmarks. While AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has teased us enough, we finally get a look at their GPU utilizing the ‘Big Navi’. This news surfaced as an unprotected link on an AMD partner site. Based on the following news we may have more detailed speculation on the previous leaks we got so far. This new graphics card is the AMD Radeon RX Gama XT and is based on the same RDNA 2 architecture we saw in previous leaks beating the 2080 Ti. Why Gama you ask? Gamma Cassiopeiae is the actual name of the star informally known as Navi.

Specifications On The Radeon Beast

The specifications are outrageous. The new card reeks of flagship as it packs an insane amount of 80 CUs (Compute Units). The people in the lab are referring to this doubling of compute engine capacity as QCU (Quad Compute Uni). This is amazing knowing that the card manages to sustain a clock speed of 2.633GHz. This highly indicates the card is an EUV (Extreme ultraviolet) 7nm process manufacture. There was news floating around that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) was introducing its 7nm EUV based process this year. Looks like the Red team already got its hands dirty with the new tech.

With the 80 CUs, the card also comes with 5120 stream processors. The clock speeds are divided into 3 categories which are boost, game and base clock. The boost clock shows a figure of 2633 MHz followed by a 2480MHz Game clock. Lastly, the base clock holds at 2123MHz. From these clock speeds, we can speculate using the same instructions as the last architecture, the RX Gama XT delivers an insane 26.6 Tflops of a single-precision compute.  This is an insane leap with not just more number of cores but a drastic increase in clock speeds as well.

Further on, the new AMD GPU packs twice the amount of ray-tracing. This means the card will support up to 21.6 GigaRays per second In comparison to the RTX 2080 Ti (10 GigaRays per second). This makes the RX Gama XT more than just a competitor. This may as well be the Nvidia Dethroner that we all have been waiting for. Other specifications reveal the card will have 32 gigs of GDDR7 memory clocked at 24Gbps. This also has a much higher bandwidth of 512 bits and will consume around 350W. The power consumption may seem high but considering how big the specs are, it is fair as we have seen worse on older-gen GPUs with lower specs. This card will also support 8k and is built using AMD’s RDNA2 architecture most likely on TSMC’s 7nm EUV.

Video Game Benchmarks

Coming to the benchmark, we see a histogram chart of games where the GPU competed against Nvidia’s next-gen flagship GPU. The benchmarks were based on 4k resolution. Apart from Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Civilization 6, AMD Radeon RX Gama XT was performing better and even tore apart Nvidia in demanding games like Metro Exodus. We are not sure what ‘flagship’ Nvidia GPU product was this tested against. Speaking from speculation, it must be the Nvidia Ampere GPU which comes out this year. One of the other games where AMD did better than Nvidia for the first time is Witcher 3 as that game still holds up graphics wise to this day.

AMD might have just taken the lead from both Intel and Nvidia. We saw the processor line up just keep getting better, we can finally say the same for the GPU segment as well. All we need to know now is the price listing for this new beast. AMD normally always tends to tp float in the pocket-friendly side. However, this card might just be something else. If it is as capable as these leaks claim it to be, then it totally deserves having money rained upon it.

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