Will AMD And Intel Support DDR5 Memory in 2020?

Samsung has clarified that DDR5 memory will come out in 2021. While we got more insight on the new ram type, Intel and AMD will be delaying support. Both the Blue and the Red team will not be able to get their hands on DDR5 until next year.

Although Samsung did mention 2021 being the year of release, a specific date is not out yet. This may be the case due to the confirmation of a million D1x DDR4 ram modules shipped recently.

The DDR5 memory will be benefiting from recent advancements in terms of EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) manufacturing. EUV provides a higher and faster production process with better results. It gives an edge over current chip production. Samsung explains this further:

EUV technology reduces repetitive steps in multi-patterning and improves patterning accuracy, enabling enhanced performance and greater yields as well as shortened development time.

EUV is a huge step to next level chip manufacturing. While it took Samsung time for perfecting this, the company achieved it on its million milestone with the D1x. EUV technology helps in decreasing repetitive steps in multiple lithography and enhances the accuracy of lithography.

This further results in shortening development time and producing higher yields. The DDR5 has an enormous edge over the current DDR4 memory. Rumours state the DDR5 will have a doubled memory bandwidth in comparison to DDR4. While we wait for 2021, the memory type has been used in the current devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S20 phone and servers.

While all this news regarding the new technology is great, this may not be the case for Intel and AMD. Upon speculation, DDR5 may be available on the 5th gen Ryzen for AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). For Intel, however, it is not sure as both the next-gen Comet Lake and Rocket Lake lineup will be dropping soon in the DDR4 support platform.

We might get to see sample DDR5 modules in the benchmark tests. Though the DDR5 is here to replace DDR4, it will take some time for DDR4 to die off completely. This has been the case with memory modules. To this day people still use second-hand DDR3 ram over DDR4 as older gen systems still prove to be capable while being cheap. For now, enthusiasts can only be patient before they can get their hands on the new DDR5 memory type.

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