Gears 5 Title Update 5 Released, Operation 3

The Coalition’s Gears 5 has received a brand new patch. This patch is now available on Windows 10 and Xbox One. You will find that Gears 5 Title Update 5 introduces Operation 3 and released earlier than usual deployment time, according to the developers to avoid deploying during peak times in Europe to help keep bandwidth impact to a minimum during self-isolation.

Take note that Operation 3 brings four new Characters into the roster with Myrrah, Clayton, Cole, and the Theron Guard. Want a grand total of 290 Gamescore? This includes 32 new achievements to earn this offering. You will see that this patch adds six brand new Hives releasing with Operation 3, featuring the new Barracks tile set. The developers also made some updates to Ranked Playlists to improve overall gameplay experience.

Gears 5 is the latest installment of the iconic third-person action saga, Gears of War. This time the protagonist, Kait, has many waves of extraterrestrials to deal with. The Coalitions promised that they returned to the roots of the series, but also show a more innovative, risky graphic and artistic style. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Gears 5 Title Update 5.

  • Extensive Versus Tuning update. Full details here.
  • Ranked: Users now need to be level 30 or above to play in Ranked unless joining as part of a Level 30+ player’s squad.
  • Ranked: Split-screen users can no longer play in Ranked, except for 2v2 Gnashers.
  • Bot behavior improvements across every difficulty.
  • Bots will less frequently follow the same path/clump together in packs.
  • Bots will less frequently use long-range weapons in situations where short range weapons are appropriate (and vice versa).
  • Bots will now make use of cover more frequently.
  • Beginner bots will now roadie-run when appropriate.
  • Bots will no longer backfill for players in TDM Quickplay thanks to this Gears 5 patch.
  • Round timeouts will no longer cause King of the Hill matches to end on the first round.
  • Meatshields should now more consistently protect the user from explosive damage.
  • Improved consistency of finishing off DBNO opponents with melee when holding a meatshield.
  • Addressed an issue where pulling back on the analog stick at certain angles could sometimes cause cover slides to not be cancelled.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause cover slip animations to sometimes not replicate smoothly between clients, making them appear like they are moving at much higher speeds.
  • Players can no longer be chainsawed mid-roll thanks to this Gears 5 patch.
  • Players will no longer receive a prolonged stagger if hit with melee by a player slightly above them.
  • Players can no longer end up in an unarmed state by trading and dropping weapons at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a player to ignore being into a DBNO state by being grenade tagged by a Smoke or Flashbang by entering the slide animation.
  • Fixed an issue where a player grenade tagged in the back could no longer take cover.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause severe server corrections if a player initiates a swat turn or roll immediately after having a cover move blocked by a player thanks to this Gears 5 patch.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Retro Lancer charge to cancel instantly if performed shortly after cancelling/finishing the initial one.
  • Resolved an issue where, sometimes, players could teleport if staggered while wall-bouncing.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed sidearms to be traded after dropping both primary weapons, which could also cause the player to end up in an unarmed state.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Lancer GL to be stuck in grenade firing mode with no laser if the user pauses while holding the grenade firing button.

Want more deets regarding this patch? Here you will find the complete list of all Gears 5 Title Update 5 patch notes. I remind you that The Coalition’s Gears 5 released on September 10, 2019 for Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

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