Double XP Weekend Set For Call Of Duty: Warzone

This is a friendly reminder to all players that the ongoing second season will soon be concluding for Warzone as well as Modern Warfare in entirety.

Hence, these are the last few remaining days to level up the current battle pass and unlock all related rewards before the impending closure. To help players with their progression, the coming weekend will give double the amount of experience points than normal. This will also be the right time to activate any experience boost tokens to further multiply the amount of experience obtained online. The event will cover both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Furthermore, for those interested, the second season will officially end on April 6 with the third season starting the very next day on April 7. That will be when a new battle pass will go live with another round of rewards for players to unlock. Those who manage to max out the current battle pass will obtain enough Call of Duty Coins to purchase the next battle pass for free. That is certainly an incentive to put in some extra hours into Warzone during the weekend event.

Warzone has well over 30 million players right now considering that the latest figure was revealed by Activision last week. The current tally is presumably past the 40 million threshold since the coronavirus outbreak has forced everyone to stay at home where the best way to pass the time is to drop into Verdansk.

For those still unaware, Warzone is the previously rumored battle royale mode for Modern Warfare. There are two ways to gain access. Those who already own Modern Warfare have to simply update their client. Those still sitting on the fence about the latest Call of Duty installment can just download Warzone for free — without getting access to the main single-player and multiplayer of course.

For newcomers, know that Warzone functions a bit differently than other battle royale games or modes. Take time out to browse through this little handy guidebook to understand the new Call of Duty offering. It should clarify any confusion that players might have and get them primed and ready for their next Warzone match.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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