Crucial Updates from The Last Oasis Project Lead.

As we posted a previous article providing possible fixes for the Last Oasis log in error. However, the issues still persists for many. Yesterday a video containing crucial updates from the Last Oasis Project Lead surfaced on the Youtube. One of the members of the development team known as Chad addressed the server issues.  While the Donkey Crew is still taking in surveys regarding server errors. These crucial updates also mentioned the servers for Last Oasis being taken down for seven days. They are doing so to take measures against figuring out as to why the servers are not responding.

Chad said the follow,

Our cores have been working day and night to solve this issue and to need some sleep. We need to properly investigate why our load testing didn’t pick this up and what went wrong.

The fatigue was visible on the Crew member’s face.  Chad further apologized for the inconvenience and made a refund option available to players. However, most of the fan is still loyal to the company. The players have high expectations from this game and hence they are rejecting the refund option and are sticking to the game. Furthermore, upon the stress being visible on the crew members face, the fans also sent positive energy towards the whole team.

Chad ended the message by thanking the fans for the positive messages that were sent to them. He ended with apologizing again and promised to have this server issue resolved. Donkey Crew seems to have proved itself to be a group of humble people who actually care about delivering. It is rare for most developing companies to actually care about fans these days. Donkey Crew has earned the loyalty of their fans thanks to their caring approach. Last Oasis proves a lot of potential as the reviews are positive. The only complaint people have is not being able to play it. Soon the issue will be fixed and we will be able to get the full experience out of this game.

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