Changes Call Of Duty: Warzone Desperately Needs

Call of Duty: Warzone has only been out for a few weeks now and as such, too soon to be expected to receive drastic changes. That being said, feedback should always be welcomed and the reason why Infinity Ward should strongly consider to somehow address the following concerns in future updates.

Tone down vehicular warfare

The vehicles in Warzone are a joke. They feature no offensive capabilities, at least not in the traditional sense, and should be only meant for transport. However, since they are built like tanks, a common strategy to survive for longer periods is to simply drive around Verdansk and crush anyone on foot.

The situation becomes even worse with helicopters since they can stay out of range, ensuring survival while more than half of the total number of players are wiped clean.

This should not be such a common occurrence in Warzone. Solo, for example, always has multiple vehicles biding their time away like on a racecourse. You need a clear headshot or a handy rocket launcher to take them out, which is a problem in itself since players are likely to stick to their mainstream weapons in battle royale instead of equipping for that one particular moment.

Manualize gas masks

Infinity Ward needs to put a button on gas masks so that players are the ones who decide when to wear them and when to take them off. Right now, the in-game character automatically pulls the gas mask on when inside the circle and off when outside. This can become a little tedious for players running inside and out since the animation will automatically kick in, making it frustrating if there are opponents right in front.

Add more weapons

A vast majority of weapons found in Warzone belong to a pool with just two to three variants. Infinity Ward did make some additions recently but overall, players are likely to find the same couple of weapons every time they jump onto the ground. Now there are higher rarities to be found but even they belong to a similar limited pool. Point being that Warzone needs better loot variety. Adding a basic version of AK-47, for example, would be a nice start.

Polish ping system

This might be an unpopular opinion but the current ping system feels a bit clunky. Replacing it with a dial like the one from Apex Legends would be more feasible. For starters, that will make it easier to mark enemies without having to mash buttons. Also, letting friendlies know where to move or what to defend will become more efficient. The current ping system is more like an afterthought.

Sort buy stations

You will likely agree that buy stations are a death trap in Warzone. To use them means staying still and in turn, being a sitting duck for any opponents in the area.

Where the supply crates of Apex Legends display loot in a methodical way, the buy stations of Warzone task players to browse through an entire menu and once again if they need to purchase twice. There should be an easier way to access buy stations, especially on consoles or for those playing with controllers.

Allow drop-trades

Warzone allows you to drop ammo and armor. When it comes to weapons though, your squadmates need to scavenge their own. This is a little quality-of-life improvement and allowing players to drop their gear would be a appreciated. It would also help equip friendlies who have just returned from the gulag.

Curb hackers

Warzone is riddled with hackers and that too within just a few weeks after launch. A point has been reached where every second or third match is almost guaranteed to have players seeing through walls or locking onto opponents with laser-guided accuracy. Infinity Ward needs to clean up the playing field.

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