New Apple Watch to Use Ceramic Fibre?

News is circulating around the internet that Apple plans to release its new watch with a new upgrade. According to information found in a patent document, the new Apple watch body will be replaced with ceramic fibre. This new material holds a lot of durability while making the watch light at the same time.

The ceramic fibre material offers more than just shock resistance. Due to its rugged nature, the material can also withstand high temperatures and fire resistance. This material is familiar to aerospace equipment, atomic engineering and other similar fields. It is also a common material when it comes to chemical industries, metallurgy and petroleum industries.

Apple explains ceramic fibre material being a favourable choice in the patent document:

In some cases, the ceramic material can include ceramic fibres that can be arranged in a pattern, such as a weave pattern. A matrix material, such as a resin or epoxy, can partially, substantially, or entirely surround the ceramic fibres such that the ceramic fibre weave can be embedded in the matrix material.

Using ceramic fibre is a smart idea actually. Due to its special structure, it will not hinder the network connectivity efficiency as well. This body will actually be a ceramic fibre coating on the plastic body giving it a reinforced housing.

It may slightly be less durable than metal but a lot lighter and will be electromagnetically transparent. Lastly, working with this new material is also more cost-effective production-wise as ceramic construction is expensive. This means we as consumers can get our hands-on Apple technology for an affordable price this time.

Apple is always ahead and more innovative when it comes to designs and practicality. The phone lineup has always proved durable and more of an investment than just an everyday device. Their new iPhone 12 may also release this year. While the patent documents reveal many ideas for a new device, they do not always lead to final products. Only the future holds the answer to what we will get from Apple this time.

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