How to Start Control The Foundation DLC

The first piece of paid DLC for Control is now available which is a new storyline involving more secrets underneath The Oldest House. This guide will show you How to Start Control The Foundation DLC, irrespective of the platform you have the game on.

How to Start Control The Foundation DLC

The pre-requisites for the Foundation include completion of the Control’s main story. Of course, purchasing the DLC from your platform’s store is also required. Currently, The Foundation DLC is available only on PS4 and PC while the Xbox One version is schedule for a June release.

So once you have completed the main story, gone through the end credits and downloaded the necessary updates, you will immediately receive the new quest of ‘The Foundation’.

Your first objective will be to Talk to the Board in the Executive/Hotline Chamber. So go to the Executive area and then to Hotline Chamber which is accessible through the Director’s Office.

From the Hotline Chamber, head towards the glass box with the phone. Answer the phone and talk to the board.

The Foundation will officially start once you talk to the board. Follow the objectives being assigned and eventually you will come into the Astral Plane where you will be assigned new challenges with a new ability. Upon completion, you will have complete The Foundation mission and ‘The Nail’ mission will be unlocked.

The Nail is a doorway leading to an Astral Plane challenge. To complete this Astral Plane challenge you will need to choose from two ability paths:

  • Left side: Grants you the ability to manipulate things like crystals.
  • Right side: Grants you the ability to destroy crystals with your service weapon