How to Meet Label in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Label is the returning special character in New Horizons. This guide will feature information on How to Meet Label in Animal Crossing New Horizons, while it will also include her fashion event, coupon, and the time at which she appears in the game.

How to Meet Label in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Label’s Appearance
To have Label visit the island, you will need to help the Able Sisters store so that it is opened. Once you’ve done that, Label will start to periodically appear near Resident Services. It is rather difficult to not run into her. However, there will be no specific time for her appearance.

Label’s Fashion Challenge
Label does not own a shop for her fashion trends, though she hopes to develop her fashion brand by taking in trends from around the world and sampling them to the locals.

For her Fashion Challenge, she will task you to go with a specific theme while she will also give you a clothing item to try with your themed outfit.

You will need to go and get your outfit changed and return to Label to talk to her again. Once you’ve done that, you will have completed her Fashion Challenge.

Fashion Challenge Rewards
There are three rewards for completing Label’s Fashion Challenge. You will get to keep the clothing item that Label gave you for the clothing theme. You may also be given a clothing item branded by Labelle, this can also be a clothing accessory, but this is based on how you performed.

You will also get a Tailors Ticket coupon for Able Sisters that will be worth 3,000 Bells. Label will post this coupon to you, which you can receive on the next day.

Using the Tailors Ticket
You can use the Tailors Ticket to redeem and receive an item worth up to 3,000 Bells at the Able Sisters. Once you have the coupon in your pocket, you will want to head to the changing room where you can search through all sorts of clothing variants.

The item you select for use will be redeemed with the coupon if it’s in your pocket, but if you do not want to use it for a particular item, just point towards the item and hit Y to have the ticket removed. The ticket will be attached to the next item you decide to select/pick.