Post Scriptum Update 2.0.446.13764 Is Live, Fixes And Improvements

Post Scriptum has received a brand new patch. You will see that Post Scriptum Update 2.0.446.13764 fixes the hard spawn points, the French Officer mesh being broken, and a few other quality of life improvements. They also added new historically accurate sights for QF6, removed wrong shell type from Panzer 38(t), and reduced recoil for M3 Grease gun. This patch is now available on PC (Steam).

Post Scriptum is a WWII first-person shooter that mostly focuses on teamwork. In this game you will find yourself running into a hail of bullets, hunker down in trenches and through yourself at the enemy until they give way. Below you will find the complete list of Post Scriptum Update 2.0.446.13764 patch notes.

  • Fixed hard spawn points not showing anymore.
  • Fixed broken French Officer 1p mesh.
  • Fixed 1p bobbing while sprinting with rocket launchers and PIAT.
  • Fixed Char B1’s hull gunner body poking through tank.
  • Fixed Puma physics body to be less bouncy in this Post Scriptum patch.
  • Added new historically accurate sights for QF6.
  • Removed wrong shell type from Panzer 38(t).
  • Reduced recoil for M3 Grease gun

Recently, the developers released another important update for the game. You will find that Post Scriptum Update 2.0.375.13515 has some bug fixes and improvements. Something that stands out in this patch is that they reintroduced sections to the Skirmish gamemode based on your feedback and they fixed Lebel rifle now holding 8 rounds instead of 10. They also fixed the French AT Mine 1936 LAT item name and French rifles stopping ADS when bolting.

I remind you that Periscope Games and Offworld Industries’ Post Scriptumreleased on August 9, 2018 for PC.

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